Diet and Psoriasis

The Affects of Diet on Psoriasis

There is much anecdotal evidence that certain foods act as triggers to psoriasis. Glutens, red meats, dairy, and cultured foods can irritate the intestinal tract and perpetuate psoriasis outbreaks. Within the intestinal tract, bacteria and yeast help process our food. When yeast becomes excessive, it interferes with the body's ability to absorb vital nutrients, and cause a condition known as "leaky bowel" to occur. Toxins get into the body and trigger the immune system. A cleansing psoriasis diet can help remove the irritating foods from the bowels, allowing the body time to heal itself, and can also help to reduce the yeast, fungus or bacterial proliferation. So, is psoriasis an intestinal yeast infection, or a food allergy, or a nutritional deficiency, or a leaky bowel? The answers to those questions are still not determined scientifically. However, many people are controlling their psoriasis using the cleansing diet approach. Diet and the impact of certain foods on psoriasis is understudied. Combining therapies, (example: diet with homeopathic minerals, diet and herbs, omega oils with diet or herbs) is showing positive results in greater numbers of psoriasis patients. For example, homeopathic minerals, designed specifically for psoriasis (Vestalcare PsoriasisTablets) has been shown to benefit mild to moderate cases of psoriasis. When combined with a cleansing psoriasis diet, the benefits are increased.